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Chapter Five – Sensual Meeting

In the last chapter, Jess seems to have found a new food source, or at least she hopes so. After finding and planting some seeds, she now eagerly awaits what will come of it. And to their amazement, the plants on this island are growing rapidly. She explored the underwater world and found a treasure chest that she wanted to open later. And then one day there was that night…

I think it was two days later when I woke up feeling like it was going to be a good day. And so it was. When I looked at my plants, I noticed that some wanted to grow tall and didn’t have a proper support. So I supported them with a few sticks I carved myself, which I planted in the ground for the fresh shoots to hold on to. And the tree… It stood in front of me in all its glory.

And again I wondered how it could be that everything could grow so fast there. Then I thought about how this island must have formed. Volcanic activity, of course, that was it!… Not only is this island rich in plants, it has its own natural fertilizer. That was the solution to the riddle. Volcanic rock and the minerals made everything there almost overgrown.

I thought a lot back then. Actually, it was not that bad for me on this island. I had enough food, a reasonably warm bed and some ideas. But the loneliness and the fact that you don’t have anyone to talk to makes you almost insane. Other people… They were out there somewhere and I couldn’t reach them. Unless…I could manage to build a boat strong enough to get me out of there. Far away, no matter where, the main thing is somewhere where I can be with others. I was „trapped“ somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. But it wasn’t meant to be my prison forever. Building a boat – but how? I had to make a detailed plan about it first.

The same evening. My head was so full of ideas and plans. But I had no choice but to put them in a mental box to retrieve them later. After all, I didn’t have the opportunity to write everything down. I went to sleep exhausted. And I started dreaming. But…this dream was so incredibly real, I felt warmth, heat, fire…
I remember it clearly. I was standing somewhere… In a forest. It smelled of different herbs, flowers and ash… And I wasn’t alone. Someone was with me – a man. I felt his breath on the back of my neck and his hands on my skin… Strong manly hands pulling me to his body. I was paralyzed, wanting to free myself, but my body seemed to know exactly what was going to happen and let itself be guided by the stranger.

pose by OfElena – Fire Up

I was afraid for a moment that the fire that surrounded us would engulf me. But he said in a deep voice that I need not fear. His hands wandered over my body. And it was like watching it from the outside, like watching a movie, a very sensual movie. I could see symbols on his body – but not his face. And I wondered who he was.
It wasn’t just the air that burned, no, it was his hands that made me feel like any touch from him would burn my skin. And all I heard was the sound of the flames blazing and his breathing. I tried to free myself from his arms. „please don’t go… I need you“. Again there was that deep voice I heard behind me. I wanted to say something, but before I could get a syllable out, I felt he wanted more than just touching me. I didn’t know whether to be scared or to let it happen.
But I could no longer withdraw from him, my body was begging for him too much. A shimmering haze displaced even the smallest inhibition and I let myself fall.

It got more and more intense. I felt that we were becoming more and more of a unit. In my mind’s eye I saw colorful, pulsing lights and I felt like I was in a kind of intoxication. Like I’m under the influence of drugs. No, there wasn’t anything on the island that could have gotten me into this state… Then where did this feeling come from?

I was completely confused. From the feeling of intoxication and also because of this stranger who suddenly appeared in my dream out of nowhere. „you are not dreaming… I have connected with you“. Although I felt like I was far away in another world, I heard him loud and clear. „Who… are you?“. I had trouble saying those words. He turned me around to face him, but even then I couldn’t see his face…

But then something unexpected happened. It was as if, for some reason, the connection was suddenly severed… Where we had just been tightly embraced, passionately sharing our bodies, everything was suddenly over and he was standing in front of me. “I am someone you can be one with. Also…I think you can help me“/ „help? how?“. But before he could answer, he slowly began to dissolve in front of me.The last thing I could see were his eyes, suddenly flashing out of the darkness, blue eyes that were as mysterious as the encounter itself. I felt the feeling I had a few moments ago drain away. This intoxication. „I’ll be back… Soon“. His last words echoed through the night. And with him the fire that surrounded us also disappeared.

Sex is a wonderful way of communicating. But was the stranger just about sex or did he really need help like he says? Was it just a dream or is there more to it than that? We will see…

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Chapter 4 – Under the surface

In the last part, we saw how Jess found a way to fill her stomach with more than just a few plants. Finally fresh fish. A treat for the whole body and also for the mind. But the loneliness made her sad again and again. It only helps to distract yourself. And she discovered a lot more. What? She will show us today.

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Chapter Three – Small Losses, Big Wins

It’s been a long time coming, but now there’s a new part in the story of Jess, who ended up on a small island due to a shipwreck. In the last episode, she was looking for food on the island, which turned out to be a little difficult. Because so far she has found nothing more than a few edible plants. Today her story continues – in her own words.

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Chapter Two – Foraging

Somewhere in nowhere. There is Jess after she was washed ashore by a shipwreck on a small island. Nobody survived but her. Coincidence? A wonder? Fate must have been kind to her. But how can you find your way around this little spot in the middle of the ocean? And how long will she be able to survive there? Now see in the second part how she fights her way further.

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Some thoughts

Hello dear readers.
First of all, I wish a happy new year to all of you. I am currently thinking about showing some other stories here on my blog. What would you think about that? My survival story with Jess will continue, of course (I apologize for not making progress with that at the moment). I just spontaneously started another story when I downloaded a new world. It is uninhabited and modeled after the Greek island of Santorini. I created a sim lady and had her move into a house. I thought there were a few people missing from the world though. Maybe a hot Greek guy? After a friend became aware of it, she had created a male sim, which I was then allowed to further edit according to my ideas. But it shouldn’t be just one man, I wanted two men for my lady. To look, for whom she possibly decides. Actually I only wanted to make a nonsense game out of it, but in the end a story came out of it again. On the Sims3-Community page you can already follow this little story. But I would like to show it also in a blog. I would just have to create a new category for it, so that the readers don’t get confused… I think. What do you say? Feel free to write me your opinions 🙂

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Stranded in nowhere

Hello dear readers 🙂
Now finally begins the actual story that has been floating around in my head for a long time and is now put into words. The writing style will change at times. Sometimes it is told from the point of view of a single person, at other points the writer herself tells. I had already told what inspired me to do this story. It should not only be a castaway-Challenge, but immediately a story around it and I currently have a lot of fun with it. I hope you like it as much as I do. And now have fun reading the first part ♥

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Part 6 (5.2) – Final thoughts

The word „desperation“ has been written in capital letters in the village for some time. The conversation between Ano and his father did not go as hoped. The chief insists that he marry the woman he brought him with him. Everything depends on this relationship that the village has offspring again. Today we see the last pre-chapter before the main story begins soon.

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Allgemein · Part 5 · Pre-Chapters

Part 5.1 – Wrong hopes

I have to split the fifth part into two episodes, because too much text was created that I cannot put into one part. So, please be patient until the second half is done 🙂
In the fourth part of the story we met the shaman Makanui. And through a glimpse into his world of thought, we now also know what happened in the village a few years ago. A mysterious disease caused women to become sterile. Responsible for this were strangers who came from afar to explore the island. We will only find out at a later point in time how everything happened back then. Today is the day when the chief returns home – with a wife for his son.
In the fourth part of the story we met the shaman Makanui. And through a glimpse into his world of thought, we now also know what happened in the village a few years ago. A mysterious disease caused women to become sterile. Responsible for this were strangers who came from afar to explore the island. We will only find out at a later point in time how everything happened back then. Today is the day when the chief returns home – with a wife for his son.

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Allgemein · Part 4 · Pre-Chapters

Part 4 – The Shaman

In the last part we could see that Kirel’s feelings were not one-sided. Ano, too, had given his heart to her a long time ago. But she didn’t know about it yet. And now, when everything could be fine, the next challenge is coming. The chief wants to bring a woman into the village for his son who is able to bear children. But why is it no longer possible for the other women in the village? What just happened in the past? Maybe we can find out more today …

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Hello everyone.

I noticed that I’m missing a few pictures for the next part. So it will be a little while before I can post the next part. Especially since I found a couple of CC’s that fit well for the next pictures. I hope you guys are patient with me. I am also still struggling with pain that makes it a little difficult for me to continue. I hope you are fine, greetings ♥